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A combination of things1) Every time you go to update Quicken talks to the OFX branding server, the gatekeeper that makes sure your list of FI's is up to date, and valid, expiring no longer supported FI's adding new ones, updating links, and profile data for each financial institution.Some institutions brand themselves in Quicken so any graphics or content would be downloaded at this time as well.2) This may no longer be the case but calls used to be made in series, so it goes out to each FI one by one to get an update3) Quicken tries to keep itself up to date while this process is going, so as each account downloads transactions Quicken is trying to update every register, balance, holdings totals, ending balances, available balances, updating transaction names and descriptions, looking at holdings and matching to transactions, then generating balancing transactions, updating graphs, etc.4) There probably hasn't been a significant update to that code since 2006 when Quicken implemented the Teknowledge account aggregation service into the online updates.5) The rules some FI's have around updating and connectivity.

It’s important that the financial institution you are trying to log in have properly working server.priority Code=1348700000 This error indicates that the account you are trying to access is no longer in use, or some of the settings have been modified by the financial institution due to some reason.So go to your Quicken settings and check for the changes.Quicken won’t update or download any transaction in this case.To resolve this here, Quicken has a step-by-step guide for you: https://

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Quicken and Code Weavers says I'm on the latest versions of both.

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