Pros on dating an older woman

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Later on you can come back and tell us how hard it is being rich. Unless you’re very religious, contrarian, or you’re visiting our planet ahead of the full-scale invasion from Mars, you’ll know how great it is to have money.The esteemed rap poet Nas sums up the general picture as follows: Mr Nas is a bit weak in rhyming the clothes he’s trying with those that he’s buying, but then he doesn’t need to try too hard – Nas knows we’ve all dreamed of being rich. At the very least, being wealthy gets you: Feel free to substitute your own desires. When I said this article was about the pros and cons of being wealthy, I meant it: having a lot of money has drawbacks, especially if you get rich overnight.I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.My grandparents spend ten years of their life in this country and my father spent his childhood in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.After a surprisingly low point, more money doesn’t make you happier.Rich people get depressed, just like the middle classes.

I honestly thank god, Buddha and every force in the universe that I never made this terrible experience.

Money can’t buy the love of your friends and family. Please do check out some of the best articles or follow our posts via Facebook, Twitter, email or RSS. And yet, I’ll take the problems of being legitimately rich any day.

(Unlegitimately rich would be like Bernie Maddoff, that I don’t want).

I’ve met a fair few rich people over the years, mainly through work, and I’ve also read widely on the subject, and I feel confident in listing these negatives.

(For clarity, I’m talking about being really rich – £10 million / million net worth or more).

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That’s why you can’t walk far in Africa without tripping over a philanthropist. You’ve no time to learn, because you’ve three different architects coming over to quote on your summer home. Let’s hope your financial advisers aren’t swindlers, too. Does she really find you fascinating, or just your bank balance?

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