Problems with dating a flight attendant

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Problems with dating a flight attendant

Here are a few techniques to avoid overtraining while still enjoying high intensity exercise: High intensity exercise can be a great way to improve body composition and enhance your general health, if done the right way.

As with all components of our lifestyle changes, the key is moderation and listening to your body.

Overtraining goes beyond just excessive “chronic cardio” or too many hours spent at the gym.

Certain high-intensity exercise routines may push the body’s stress response too far, leading to a cascade of biochemical responses that can cause serious damage to one’s health in both the short and long term.

Not only is this counterproductive to most people’s fitness and health goals, but it is also a sign of sickness.

In the path to better health, any activity that makes you more fatigued and more prone to infection is definitely something to be avoided.

While running fast and lifting heavy may be major components of an active Paleo lifestyle, engaging in these physically demanding activities too regularly or too intensely can contribute to many different symptoms of overtraining.While short, intense workouts can be great for inducing fat loss, increasing aerobic capacity, and reducing risk for cardiovascular disease, excessively intense exercise can cause a variety of health problems, especially for those dealing with other concurrent stressors such as autoimmune disease, gut dysbiosis, or adrenal fatigue.Overtraining has been shown to affect blood levels of important neurotransmitters such as glutamine, dopamine and 5-HTP, which can lead to feelings of depression and chronic fatigue.Excess cortisol also encourages fat gain, particularly around the abdomen.Overtraining can also have harmful effects on the immune system.

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Have you been able to find a balance between intensity and adequate recovery?

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