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When you see that gorgeous woman and you're not "socially warmed up", you'll almost always lock up, not knowing what to do.. It's just important not to beat yourself up for it. The strangers shouldn't even be beautiful women (creating pressure).

Heck, it can be even more fun to talk to some older people that may have a nice story or two to share.

The last two years I spent quite some time on this. I even followed a workshop which consisted of approaching people on the street.

I had to ask simple questions first ("Hi, how do I get to ... "), then questions with a bit of a backstory, eventually asking women for advice on lingerie for an imaginary girlfriend.

she refused by saying she had a boyfriend but that wasn't the point, the point was I asked, and it was a real blast!

Still, I can say that the so-called "approach anxiety" never disappears.

Wounds heal twice as fast with companionship as compared to isolation.

Warm touch between married couples reduces various measures of stress.

Then try eye contact with women when walking through the mall or around your campus. Next, nodding and thinking an unspoken "message" to them, such as, "You look really pretty." Next, say "hi" to a few with a smile. Connection and companionship release healthy levels of dopamine and other “feel good” neurochemicals, such as oxytocin, which help balance us.There are a lot of places where you can get used to being out and around people but are pretty nonthreatening as far as social interaction goes.Hang out and read in a library or bookstore, or take a magazine to Starbucks or a park bench. I find that making stuff like this a habit helps get me out of my own head and makes me feel like more of a member of society.They change the neural patterns and brain chemistry of those who engage in them, bolstering their sense of self and making empathy and socialization possible. But see if you can take it a step farther: How can you get some healthy touch with good boundaries? Watch a movie with someone you can put your arm around? Share this article with a friend to broach the subject.Humans cannot regulate their moods on their own, at least not for long. In other words, it’s normal to feel anxious or depressed when isolated. Flores reminds us in , “Attachment is not just a good idea; it’s the law.” It’s also some of the best health insurance the planet offers. Said one guy: I have a female friend with benefits, but the benefits are that she like to come over once a week and just cuddle as we watch a movie.

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I just make a comment or two when appropriate when we're hanging out as a group. And I just say hi and bye to those people from the next day. Not every step on this journey needs to be profound. Most men do not develop their social skills like women do.

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