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They may say nothing, but if they do reproach you, know that you are, indeed, at fault. But be warned: many people don't like it, they may avoid you or reproach you and again: it's not your intent that matters, it's the effect the gesture has on the receiver.As mother used to say, "Keep your hands to yourself unless invited."Hugging someone without permission is a boundaries violation, too - a deliberate invasion of that person's personal space. It technically is a boundaries violation: we have no right to touch another person without their permission. This comprises everything about who they are: what they do, what they like, their past, their family and friends, their looks, their personality, where they went to school, the house they live in.If a man walks behind her too closely she will likely feel threatened and may call the police.He has every legal "right" to walk so closely, but "refined" people will understand intuitively that a woman's physical boundaries and her comfort zone are different at night and in unsafe areas, and will respect this and keep a distance, "hang back" just to be respectful.A woman dies at the hands of her significant other every 6 days, and when you look at the stats for the whole world it is even more bleak.Worldwide, a woman dies every day due to domestic homicide. It is a plague on society worldwide, causing devastation and ruining lives of men and women.Unless we are asked to comment on something that falls within someone's personal emotional boundaries, we are trespassing on their territory and risk doing emotional damage and causing relationship problems and conflicts when we do.

Put simply, people who have exceptionally good manners have a much better understanding of personal boundaries than people who don't.

If you touch a person without permission technically that, too, is a boundaries violation, regardless of how affectionate you intended the gesture to be.

Some people don't mind this type of physical boundaries intrusion from a family member but most people feel uncomfortable about it when it comes from anyone else.

Making remarks about any of these things - anything that has to do with "who a person is" - is an emotional boundaries violation.

Intentions don't matter when it comes to trespassing someone's emotional boundaries; only the effect the words had on the person matter."Refined" people steer clear of any personal remarks.

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