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Redirecting messages to "E15MB2.exchange2013demo.com". In addition to placing Mailbox servers in maintenance mode any DAG members also need to have active mailbox databases moved to another DAG member, and be blocked from activation while the cumulative update is being installed. To take the server out of maintenance mode after the upgrade the process is reversed.

Make sure that you return the database auto activation policy to the original setting if it was not “Unrestricted”.

It is recommend to allow setup to connect to the internet and check for updates.

When the update check has completed click Next to continue. This can take several minutes depending on your server's performance capacity.

When the Active Directory changes have been applied, on each server run the upgrade.

Cumulative updates can be applied using either the command line or graphical setup, whichever you prefer. Caution: a cumulative update is a full reinstall of Exchange Server 2013.

Note: The AD preparation tasks are not required to be run separately to the upgrade of Exchange, unless in circumstances where you need to separate the tasks to different teams with different permissions, or if you have a multi-domain forest and want to control the AD changes.

Before applying the schema update follow the steps provided by Michael B Smith to retrieve the existing Exchange schema version, so that you can compare it before and after the AD preparation steps have been completed to verify that the schema update was applied.

After deploying an Exchange 2013 cumulative update there are a number of post-installation tasks that may be required.

If it is interrupted, or fails part way through the installation, you may need to perform a server recovery.

There is also no way to uninstall a cumulative update.

In other words, you should plan to update all DAG members within a short period of time, and not allow them to run at different versions for days, weeks or months.

Mailbox servers in a multi-server environment, whether installed as standalone or as a multi-role server, should be placed into maintenance mode before installing the cumulative update.

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Some cumulative updates will include Active Directory schema changes.