Outlook 2016 out of office assistant not updating properly

Posted by / 11-Apr-2017 19:53

Outlook 2016 out of office assistant not updating properly

Check your Service Health Dashboard - Exchange Issues.EX97150 - Can't connect to mailbox via Outlook User Impact: Some users are unable to connect to their mailbox via the Outlook client.Outlook doesn’t support irregular working days and hours.So if your regular working hours are for instance from 9AM till 6PM but always have the Wednesday afternoons off starting at 1PM or starting an hour later on Thursdays and Fridays, there is no way to set this exception in Outlook.Summary said this failed "Remote Job: protocol Status checked for email address" then "could not connect our servers to diagnose your problem" Microsoft have now got running the Outlook autodiscover test. When trying to create a new profile, it fails to connect to Office 365.Cheers Tried the basics like restarting Outlook, then restarting computer. I've raised this with Microsoft, but they are being usually slow today.Might be a long shot, but confirm the client's DNS is set to known working servers (or even try different servers), perform ipconfig /flushdns in administrative cmd prompt, and reboot the machine for good measure in case there's still any caching going on. FWIW I have uninstalled and re-installed, deleted and recreated profile, /safe , ran the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365. I get the "need password" notification on the bottom right and email will not come in.Having said the above, I wonder if you tried connecting to that account from a different computer? We have been having this problem with 4 users this week. You might also check that your autodiscover DNS records are set up properly.

Note: The working hours that you set in Outlook isn’t purely cosmetic; Flagged items will use it to determine when to fire reminders and the Work Week view will use it to determine which days to show (or hide).Outlook’s business days and hours can be changed in the Calendar options.Sadly Outlook doesn’t support an irregular working schedule nor does it allow you to hide non-business hours.There is a “funny” little bug in Outlook 2003 and previous when you are selecting 2 free days which are not next to each other.For instance, deselect Tuesday and Friday to indicate that these are not working days for you but select all the other days to indicate that these are working days.

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A workaround would be to simply add a recurring appointment and name it something like “My contractual free afternoon” or “I’m starting an hour later today” and set its “Show As” option as “Out of Office”.