Osu scores not updating

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Admitted students might have weaknesses in one area that are overshadowed by strengths in another area.

Speed measures the pure speed of a map, while Stamina measures its stamina requirement.

It has three subcategories, Jump, Flow and Precision.

The first two are complementary to each other, although they don't simply sum up to the total, and are calculated by only accounting for jump/flow patterns in the map, ignoring anything else. Aim (Jump) is the jump aim difficulty portion of the map.

It is important to understand your interests and specific career and education goals, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses.

All potential applicants are encouraged to pursue internships, employment, or volunteer work with environmental and natural resources-related agencies and organizations after completing a bachelor's degree in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the career or research you want to pursue in greater depth.

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Graduate students advised by faculty in the Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Program have the benefit of the resources at one of the largest comprehensive universities in the nation, combined with the more personal connections among faculty and graduate students within the School.