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Posted by / 22-Feb-2017 20:48

Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, sales, or customer services, bring together and apply methods of predictive analytics to your lead, customer, contact, touchpoint, channel data to optimize your Customer Relationship Management strategy with behavior patterns, customer relationship metrics, and much more in DSS.

Give your customers more alluring, immediate, and personalised interactions by using historic sales data, consumer demand data, price variance data, lead rates, trends, and so on to improve segmentation, acquisition, new product recommendations, pricing, and much more.

With these predictions, you’ll make accurate pricing decisions, assess future capacity requirements, and ensure customer satisfaction by adapting vendor and distribution logistics.

The rise of location-based services or the need to create strategies mixing offline and online channels make spatial analytics a key component of most data products.

Analyze the interactions between entities and find interesting patterns that emerge only from a global perspective with Network Analytics.DSS enables its users to create multiple models adapted to each product line and situation, that leverage support data (structured or text) and voluminous sensor data.With DSS, never let a system failure surprise you again!With DSS, develop solutions that give you a real understanding of who your customers are, what they expect, and how you can measure their value.Predictive maintenance relies on the ability to predict failure before it happens.

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Whether you need to use predictive analytics for underwriting, reserving, marketing, pricing, or claims, DSS is where you can appraise and control risk by projecting future behavior based on historical data and consumer trend analysis.