Optimize the boot image updating process matt stone dating

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Optimize the boot image updating process

So, a combination of MDT’s customization and WDS’s PXE deployment capabilities results in an ideal deployment solution.

WDS supports the management and deployment of driver packages which allows you to manage a variety of devices and architectures within your environment.It’s worth noting that while WDS adds spectacular functionality with PXE booting, MDT is doing the real heavy lifting here.As soon as the Win PE boot image is downloaded, it immediately accesses the MDT Deployment Share and the remainder of the operation (over 90% – maybe more) is handled via the MDT Deployment Share.It’s important to note that MDT in and of itself doesn’t have a true deployment system.You can create a Lite Touch Deployment USB drive with MDT and visit each device independently, but for true deployment capability MDT works best in concert with WDS.

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We are also moving away from thick images as discussed in this article: Image Build Best Practices.