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She would leave her windows cracked open on occasion and would have some loud sex with her ex. to someone for a short time and, I caught them filming a porno in the back yard.

I watched from behind the curtains as the guy filmed the girl wearing only a button up men's shirt in different poses exposing herself to the camera.

I was like well fuck who is the creep in this relationship. You spy on people long enough and get good enough at it you start to wonder who the sick one is. When I was in SLC I got this sweet little apartment down town.

My house is very close to my neighbors house and our windows aren't far away either.Even then I just looked at them like they were mentally ill and walked off. You can get away with playing stupid people till you find someone that isn't a moron.I hadn't counted on someone working for Boeing designing advanced fighter aircraft staying at my place . The two-way mirrors have an easy tell-tale for figuring out what they are.The easy fix for that is to put another piece of glass against them so the amateur test will show space between the finger tip and the reflection. I think I may have done something like that on the other side.

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I hated him cause he was such a fucking lame and he got this super hot bitch. She had these giant titties but one boob was a lot larger than the other.

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