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Based on the information I have read on Bike Forums, here is my guess as to what these serial numbers mean: The S1 designates a subcontract builder of frames.Perhaps 1981 was a bumper crop year in terms of demand, or the major contractor that year had their equipment tied up with other models after its initial run was completed.Serial number foramt Gmmyy where, G Giant mm month where 01 Jan, 02 Feb, etc. Example: G0384 is a frame that was manufactured by Giant in March 1984.

I m guessing all of the components are original, due to it s under use and the fact that all are Shimano Exage Mountain gear shifts, brakes, Drive system, etc. Will attach pics, but if anyone can give any insight on it s manufacture date, or maybe a general idea on it s value, I d appreciate it.

There was also a W stamped below the S/N RD: Sun Tour V-T luxe FD. Serial Numbers for Nishiki bikes were decoded by Tom Marshall, Nishiki Bicycle History; Nishiki Gallery; v; t; e;.

I have found two Nishiki Olympic 12s on this thread with serial numbers in the format -- S1 x Yxx, where x a number, and Y a Letter.

Then I can slide the protective plastic sleeve into place. I like to slide the bearing onto the axle (again with exposed side of the bearings facing out) and then thread the cup back into place.

It`s always a good idea to start screwing everything in by hand to avoid cross-threading.

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Also, this would be consistent with other serial number patterns of Japanese bicycles. I went with Full Campy SR for the build with late model SHAMAL wheels. I am debating between yellow, which I believe was original, or blue, which would give the bike a more monochromatic, sleek look.