Nigerian dating scams yahoo if fupdating tcontrol

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Nigerian dating scams yahoo

Guiy's real name is Graham Leaver and he was from England. He is now serving some hard time in the Maricopa County jail for trafficking, money laundering, etc. If I were to give my location by my country, I would say USA not America. When he wrote me a hot check and tried to access my Corporate account (I owned a small but inactive company), that's when I turned him into law enforcement. He replies with a "Listen here WOMAN...." Yeah, like calling me "Woman" is going to fly? Most people tend to respond with the state they live in.The suspects had prepared ropes in case police raided their room, Sutthipong said.Police seized five notebook computers and eight mobile phones during the raid.*RED FLAG* He asks me if I ever heard of it, I said "Yep" and he asked how. I only use my Yahoo to chat with old buddies and don't go into the chatrooms any more. (Not sure if they could or not.)Darn, never thought of that. He'd have to get through that and I haven't gotten any messages saying a remote attack was attempted. Check out this site has a list of photo of to scamers out there.He shut up right quick after I said "I am fully aware of all those Nigerian scams". You can ckeck out there im address if they e-mail you my changing the setting on your e mail and see where they from. The four accused Nigerians were identified as Ikemefuna Oliver Ibekwe, 26, Ogochukwu Iduh, 28, Osaratin Irabor, 36, and Vitus Nwokemodo, 31 and the Cameroonian as John Nji, all five have denied any wrongdoing.

So then he starts asking about my job, WHERE I work, how much I make, how much my house, car, etc. His yahoo profile says he's in the UK, but he tells me he's from NIGERIA. haven't been there for ages and mainly because of the scammers who would IM me. I was always scared they could hack into my computer so I never chatted with them. Some one I never meet or talk watch out way I can tell is if they tell you on there e-mail instead if the mail on the site.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Or the varient, they are looking for a relative of a deceased millionaire businessman and you are to pretend to be the next of kin. From romancescam I've found the site where you will find most of the pics of models being used by these criminals. It's quite easy to tell if it's one of these guys contacting you. The profile usually says, "am so and so from usa" (they use "4real" a lot in the profile name, or use a first and last name together), "looking for God fearing man." And if they talk about their "mum." Americans don't call our mothers, "mum." Use common sense and stay safe.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... a real modeling agency that these guys steal pics from. Ever see the ones who post a pic..allegedly theirs..looks like Howdy Doody's illegitimate brother and is obviously from some magazine?

He states that he will send a cashiers check for the amount of the car and will also have someone pick it up once the check clears.

Tell you in broken english that they are very get to know only you! This is presummably a response to an ad I have for a car for sale on the internet.

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