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As you contemplate entering a committed relationship, the greater your neediness, or his, the more likely codependency, dysfunction and disappointment will follow. I once knew a woman who as a teen dated a man in his twenties.He had a strong need to get married and the teen wasn’t ready. Use your imagination as to where that marriage went.However, neediness can also be transitory if it arises from a crisis such as a death or separation or a career failure.Be careful who you connect with if you recently have been divorced or widowed.You worry that with his neediness will come the old patterns that led you to leave in the first place.

To not overly disrupt your partner’s lifestyle, make sure you leave (and don’t spend the night) if possible. Nothing kills a casual relationship faster than neediness.

Neediness is the death of all casual relationships.

No one wants to hear about your problems, be your soundboard, or hear about your random cosmetic or otherwise critical issues.

Try as you might, you can’t seem to change anything. It’s temporary, you believe, because you still love your partner. However, you want to be in your marriage and so does your partner.

Unfortunately, your partner has not learned he can live on his own and has an intense need to get back together.

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The nature of no strings fun means that by definition neither party should be getting attached or overly invested in the relationship.

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