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If you have been requested to apply for an employment opportunity other than through, or, if you have sought out career opportunities with Cox and found a different website in your search, you should NOT submit your application, nor should you provide any personal identifying information such as a social security number, birth certificate, financial institution information, driver’s license number or passport information.

known professionally as La Chat, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee.

Timberlake also noted in his speech, which ran nearly 20 minutes, "This is the ... My favorite part about this city is we don't apologize for who we are, and that's who this city has taught me to be." Be sure to check out the video of his speech (but be warned, vulgar words are used here and there)!

Plus hear Carter’s mom mic’d up during one of her son’s first professional games.

The video recorded and posted on You Tube by Michael Hayes, owner of Hayes Investment Deals, shows him on May 5 outside of a home west of Highland and north of Park Avenue , about to conduct a home inspection.

During his evaluation, Hayes, a black man, is interrupted by the neighbor, who demands to know what he was doing.

"Baby, I love you more than I could put into words and more than any song I could ever write," said the Memphis native, calling Biel "beautiful, loving and incredibly understanding of her husband's shortcomings." "She's not from here but she's built like she is!

A recent incident with a local real estate investor has pushed Memphis into the national conversation on "Breathing While Black" and racial profiling.

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All qualified applicants/employees will receive consideration for employment without regard to that individual’s age, race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, ethnicity, citizenship, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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