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Contact with animals can put the person at risk for worms, fleas, ticks, salmonella, campylobacteriosis, scabies, and possibly viruses. Human relationships with animals have been a topic of interest for people for hundreds of years.

Tales of human-animal sexual contact can be found throughout ancient folklore and mythology.

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We humans see ourselves in animals; animals do not see themselves in humans." The research that does exist suggests that most people who have sex with animals are men, but there have been some documented cases of women caressing and stimulating animals in an attempt to insert the penis of a dog or horse into their vagina.Coitus was the most common sexual activity, usually with animals, such as calves, sheep, and burros.For both males and females, sexual encounters with animals were most likely to have occurred before puberty, and to have been sporadic encounters with little consequence on sexual development. states and territories regarded bestiality as a felony or its equivalent.In either case, the frequency of human-animal sexual contact is believed to be low, and is believed to have decreased along with the decline in rural farm areas in the U. Alfred Kinsey's comprehensive (though dated) studies of sexuality are some of the only data we have on bestiality.After conducting 6000 exhaustive interviews with participants on their sexual histories, Kinsey published his findings in 1953, which included this data on zoophilia: Male animal contact is believed to be more common, although the total percentages still remain quite low.

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