Mark and bristol dating

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Mark and bristol dating

When my grandparents, Roy and Winifred MATTHEWS, were sorting out their wills, their solicitor noticed my grandfather's name and asked whether he was related to the family of the same name who lived at Ston Easton.My grandparents had no idea what he was talking about.So when we met Lindsey Stirling last year the light bulb went off.

I am also grateful to my cousins BRIAN CLAVEY, ROSEMARY MEADOWS, ROGER HIPPISLEY-COX, NICOLAS HIPPISLEY-COXE and SUSAN SHAW for providing me with information about their branches of the family.

Certain details about the HIPPISLEY family of Ston Easton as well as information about Turner's Court were taken from "Ston Easton Perambulation" and "Emborough Perambulation", both by GEOFFREY A. LOXTON, while certain information about the families of Edward HIPPISLEY and Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY was taken from "Some Notes on the Hippisley Family", collected by ALFRED E. I am also indebted to the members of the Gloucester, Bristol & Somerset and Wessex Genealogy Mailing Lists.

Much of the information on this page has no primary source and while I believe that it is accurate, I cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions.

I then discovered that my great-great-great-grandfather was also called Thomas CURTIS, and his marriage certificate was the final piece in the puzzle, as it revealed that his father's name was Lamrock.

I have not yet been able to conclusively prove that my HIPPISLEY ancestors were related to the Ston Easton HIPPISLEYs, but the fact that Chewton Mendip lies less than three miles from Ston Easton makes it incomprehensible that the two families were not somehow connected.

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