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The Sex Worker Freedom Festival in Kolkata this year demands seven freedoms for sex workers: Freedom of movement and to migrate.

Freeset is a Fair Trade sustainable fashion business located in the Sonagacchi district of Kolkata, India, which is the dark heart of the country’s infamous sex trade.

“Sex worker rights are human rights,” hails the mantra for the growing global movement in recognition of the unjust marginalization of sex workers world-wide. Anthropology professor Patty Kelly, at George Washington University, demonstrated that by empowering sex worker unions and legalizing government-regulated brothels in parts of Mexico – rather than criminalizing commercial sex and forcing it further underground, where it falls under the control of violent pimps and gangs – the regulation of the sex trade increases public health and serves as a source of tax revenue, as well as decreases human trafficking and labor exploitation. However, the denial of entry to international sex workers at the 19th International AIDS Conference is not a good example of American progress in this direction. This should be worked out with all the state governments in the country.”On Sunday, a group of sex worker activists carrying red umbrellas and vuvuzelas, gathered in front of the 19th International AIDS Conference in D. On Tuesday, there will be a protest in front of the White House, and daily live video broadcasts of the Sex Worker Freedom Festival in Kolkata.“We love being in Kolkata, but we really should be in Washington!At the same time, this approach gives sex workers basic protection from countless acts of violence every year, which is a fundamental human right. Human Rights Watch, recently published an criticizing America's heavy-handed criminalization approach to sex work. sex worker advocacy organization, Best Practices Policy Project, a change in the approach to sex work in the United States under a human rights framework. ” announced Andrew Hunter, from the Asian Pacific Network of Sex Workers, in front of over 500 sex worker representatives from 41 countries gathered in Kolkata on Monday.Freeset’s workers are paid at around double the average going rate for the work that they do, and are also supported by a full health insurance and pension package to ensure that Freesets employees can build a viable future for themselves.The women are employed full-time, and this vital income enables Freeset’s workers to gain not only their own independence from the sex trade, but also to offer opportunities and financial support to their families too.

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