Leykis dating rules

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Leykis dating rules

It’s baffling how people would want to go through all of that, and even worse they sit there and take it day after day and don’t break it off. The ridiculous notion that women are the relationship – There’s no other way to put it and you know exactly what I mean.

Then they tell their friends how awful their wife is, so why not leave? The entire relationship becomes about the woman, now a relationship is supposed to be two people sharing a life together but somewhere along the line you get completely shut out of the picture.

Loss of sex – This is a big part of an intimate relationship and for whatever reason women all of a sudden lose their sex drive as soon as they are married.

Like what happened to the thongs and heels and hour long rough screaming sex?!

All you want to do is wear something a little more comfortable then a monkey suit and have a damn beer, but that’s not even close the way it goes.She will pout around the house, give you the cold shoulder, skip out on your dinner and just overall make you feel like crap.You shouldn’t ever have to worry about every little aspect of someone’s inner workings just so you can get a glimpse of happiness.10.“Hun if you go mow the lawn and pick up the groceries we can go back to the bedroom.” Dangling the carrot in front of your face just to pull it away at the last second.There are many people out there who have gotten married and divorced and they keep on looking for the next special someone.

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The absurd thought that how she feels rules your world – Now don’t get me wrong you should care about other people’s feelings other than your own but they shouldn’t rule your life.