Law school dating advice dating your roommate

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Law school dating advice

Your law student has other law students to talk about that stuff with, anyway. When the law student in your life says she’s busy, over and over again…she probably is. You may hear from your law student less around this time of year. You have the power to ground your law student in reality, and remind them of the bigger picture. Your law student can face very serious, even career-threatening consequences for giving legal advice, and she knows it.It isn’t that she doesn’t miss you or wouldn’t love to hear from you – she’s just really busy and probably stressed out. She may really want to help you, but please don’t pressure her into making that kind of choice.Or when that family member *shudder* asked you for legal advice.Recently, I wondered: if I could have given my loved ones a little pamphlet called “Knowing Your Law Student” before I began my 1L year, what would it have said? At some point, your law student will enthusiastically tell you about something interesting she’s learned. Law school is remarkably good at putting a bubble around students that convinces them that everyone understand what they’re talking about. There may be a drop in your law student’s ability to tend to the non-law school parts of his life. Should any conflict arise during this time, address it in a calm manner at an appropriate time. It may not be The Paper Chase, but it’s not Sesame Street, either.

Law classes like alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) groom students to become skilled negotiators.

Perhaps then, little things aren’t so little after all.

Though NYU Law students are a diverse bunch in many ways, there are traits and common understandings we come to share as we go through this journey together.

Special thanks to the many law students who provided me with their words of wisdom!

Loving someone in law school is a considerable challenge.

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