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Outside of Nip/Tuck, she has appeared in several feature films, including Paparazzi (2004), The Marine (2006), the direct-to-video sequel Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004) and a supporting role in the comedy film Made of Honor (2008) alongside Patrick Dempsey.She has also made guest spots on Everwood, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Monk and The Finder.In 2003, Carlson booked a guest role in the pilot of the FX drama series Nip/Tuck.Her character, Kimber Henry, quickly became popular with audiences, and she appeared in several episodes of the first and second seasons, eventually becoming a regular in the show's third season, remaining with the series until it wrapped in March 2010.Q For which role do you wish you'd had an opportunity to audition?A I can't think of a movie I wanted to play; I can think of my favorite roles. E-mailers, please state a subject -- "Hello" doesn't count. More of her attitude can be seen on Fox 9 Thursday mornings.

According to different sites, the 41 years old actress is secretly married to Dan Stanchfield and has not revealed any information about her wedding date or engagement date.

In the process of interviewing the security personnel, she stated how she landed in calling a friend in East Coast who advised her to Dan, her present husband.

Kelly Lee Carlson Source: dailymail On , Kelly Carlson was spotted showing off the trim figure in a tiny black bikini.

After completing work on the final episodes of Nip/Tuck in 2009, Carlson segued into a recurring role on The CW sequel of Melrose Place, playing a Hollywood madam.

She also had a short appearance in the Canadian television movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood.

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