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Gosselin was also earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from speaking engagements, interviews, and from the sales of her books.

But Gosselin reports, “it all goes into the same pot.”According to an interview in magazine (May 25, 2009, print edition), Gosselin stated that Jon, who earned less money, has shown signs of resenting her superior income; “I have always made more money than Jon…

Kate reportedly wants to be in -- and finally has the time for -- a serious relationship now that her children are all teenagers.Katie (“Kate”) Irene Kreider was born March 28, 1975, to Charlene and Kenton Kreider in Hersey, Pennsylvania at Penn State Milton S.Hershey Medical Center, the same hospital where Kate would later give birth to her sextuplets.The Gosselins also receive residual income from DVD sales.The fun trips the family took on the show were paid-for-perks, and the couple reportedly received tens of thousands of dollars in free products and goods.

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By the show's fifth season it seemed clear to viewers that the Gosselin marriage was heading towards divorce, and that the show might end, but the show was reinvented (renamed) and continued without Jon.

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