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The reference, most likely is to Shalmaneser, the King of Assyria who is mentioned in II Kings 18:9-12.

According to local Jewish tradition, some 19,000 Jews departed Jerusalem (used here as a generic term for the Land of Israel) and passed through Syria, Babylonia, and Persia and then, heading north, entered into Media.

While elsewhere in the Russian Empire, Jews were prohibited from owning land (excluding the Jews of Siberia and Central Asia), at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the Mountain Jews owned land and were farmers and gardeners, growing mainly grain.

Their oldest occupation was rice-growing, but they also raised silkworms and cultivated tobacco.

Many Mountain Jews survived, however, because German troops did not reach their areas; in addition, German authorities considered this group to be "religious" but not "racial" Jews.

Togarmah is among the descendants of Japheth and is thought to represent some people located in Anatolia. Medieval Jewish traditions linked him with Turkic peoples including the Khazars. The order of the figures from left to right is: Movakan, Bardos, Kartlos, Haos, Lekos, Thargamos, Caucas, Egros.During this period, they killed several hundreds of Mountain Jews until the Germans retreated early 1943, on September 20, 1942, Germans killed 420 Mountain Jews near the village of Bogdanovka.Some 1000–1500 Mountain Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.With the help of their Kabardian neighbors, Mountain Jews of Nalchik convinced SS squads that they were Tats, the native local people, and not related to the larger Jewish community. In 1944, the NKVD deported the entire Chechen populace that surrounded the Mountain Jews in Chechnya, and moved other ethnic groups into their homes; Mountain Jews mostly refused to take the homes of deported Chechens Given the marked changes in the 1990s following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and rise of nationalism in the region, many Mountain Jews permanently left their hometowns in the Caucasus and relocated to Moscow or abroad.despite historically close relations between Jews and Chechens, many also suffered high rate of kidnappings and violence at the hands of armed ethnic Chechen gangs who ransomed their freedom to "Israel and the international Jewish community".

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Most scholars identify Togarmah with the capital city called Tegarama by the Hittites and Til-Garimmu by the Assyrians. Several ancient Christian authors, including Saint Hippolytus (c. " Know that we are descended from Japhet, through his son Togarmah.