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Joe jonas dating amanda michalka

When it comes to Disney Channel couples, you thought you knew them all.

Except one, it turns out: AJ Michalka and Joe Jonas!

The recruits have been thoroughly vetted and are considered the best and the brightest -- but ...

After touring with Aly & AJ, Joe quickly hit it off with the singer.

There are rumors that the girls' hit single "Potential Breakup Song" is actually about Joe.

Okay, you may vaguely remember they dated for a minute, but not longer than Joe and Demi, right? AJ and Joe dated for over a year in 2005 — over 6 months longer than Jemi.

This couple is unjustly overlooked in Disney Channel couple history, okay? AJ revealed the secret to Buzz Feed during a game of sister challenge.

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Once upon a time, The Jonas Brothers ruled Disney Channel with hits like “S. In 2007, Aly & AJ had tweens singing along to “Potential Breakup Song” and “Like Whoa.” The Michalka sisters recently visited Buzz Feed to play the Sisters Game, where they quizzed each other on life milestones. “If you get this wrong, I’m going to kill you,” AJ warned. The friends were just hanging together at a bowling alley when the smooch happened.