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After a successful debut album called I was fortunate enough to get some time with Elliott on the phone last week to chat about the new Down ‘n’ Outz record, the upcoming tour with KISS, and some fun moments from Def Leppard’s incredible legacy.

Where’s the most unusual place that you’ve heard your music? Getting lost under the stage, the tour is wrong, you know, everything.

He just tore us to shreds and said we sounded like “bludgeon riffola.” We just laughed at it saying, well it sounds like Italian food or something, and we turned the negative into a positive when we made our first Def Leppard EP, we said we are going to make our own label like Purple Hat, Swan Song, and etcetera.

So, we chose that phrase Bludgeon Riffola because it was funny, and lo and behold, by the time we were releasing albums somewhere…I think even even came out with Bludgeon Riffola.

Dear conference or festival organizer or publisher, You may be aware that larger discussions of sexism and sexual harassment have now—finally—turned to the children’s and YA literary community.

But, in fact, the lack of these things does just that.If you would like to sign on, please post your name in the comments below (which I must approve so there might be a slight delay).Here’s the letter, which I know is not perfect, but hopefully it’s a starting point.The lack of a clear harassment policy tells predators they can get away with bad behavior and it tells women and other community members that they will have no one to go to if they experience harassment, they will just have to remain quiet and accept it.Publicizing a message that harassment will receive zero tolerance tells everyone, including our young readership, what behavior they should expect in a professional environment.

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And no one should be able to get away with harassment, no matter how much of a big deal they’re considered to be.

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