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Jennifer beals dating

So you weren’t just there doing a job; there was a certain purpose there and I think people really took their characters seriously.

AE: The show has done so much for lesbian visibility.

JB: I know that people, as much as they love the show, they love to pick it apart. But I am looking forward to the day when it will be replaced with something else on television; another fictional show based on these types of stories.

I just don’t know when it’s going to happen, to be honest. It will just take someone who has the will to get their stories told.

Her older brother Gregory, born in 1958, became a journalist after graduating from Yale and works for United Nations. After his passing, the family moved to the North Side of the city near Lincoln Park, where she attended the prestigious Francis W. In 1981 her mother married nephrologist Edward Cohen. When we moved to the North of Chicago, I was not as conscious of race as I was of class because I went to a school, Francis W.

AE: What was it like reading scripts and projects again after so many years of being in the relative comfort of such a female-centered, female-driven show?

You’re not supposed to be flirting with her, you’re supposed to be flirting with me! ” And it was almost automatic that my character was flirting with this woman. Jennifer Beals with Tim Roth in Lie to Me JB: I never flirted with my co-stars but within the scene, it was always interesting.

I’m not really good at flirting with women on a day-to-day basis.

JB: To be honest, it was really nice to be on a set where I could get a whiff of men!

[Laughs.] But it was also very confusing because I had spent six years playing Bette and flirting with women and being with women as this character.

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, the actress has a history of playing strong women we love.

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