Ios updating mkuserlocation senior dating tips

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Ios updating mkuserlocation

In our case, the phone, coordinate, name, address, image are all relevant to the annotation and will all be attached to the starbucks pin and fetched when necessary.

Now you can build and run the project successfully.

You can see maps in all kinds of apps, from Uber to Instagram to my new app, peek.

Switch to the “View Controller.swift” file and implement the following code before the class closing bracket: Some explanation is needed here: // 1: First, the method will check whether the selected annotation is a user location related annotation, in such case, it will return without doing anything.

All of the three pin annotations will be correctly placed on the map view.

Switch back to the “View Controller.swift” class and implement the following The method above will be called each time an annotation is about to show in the map.

// 2: Here, you cast the annotation to the “Starbucks Annotation” class in order to fetch the related data for the starbucks objects.

Then, you instantiated the “Custom Callout View” xib file and set the name/address/phone/image data to show on the view.

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Call it “Starbucks Annotation” and hit the “Create” button.