Introverts dating each other

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Introverts dating each other

“Avoid languishing over thoughts like ‘I wish I would have talked more’ or ‘I wonder what their friends think of me after that party.’ The fact is, if this extrovert likes you, they’re not thinking these things about you; they’re actually thinking about the next time they get to be with you.”While your introverted self may prefer a low-key date activity, your extroverted partner may want to party-hop — a person’s birthday here and an engagement party there.

If you’re an introvert and find yourself dating or in a relationship with an extrovert, here are 13 ways to make it work.“But nobody is a ‘pure’ extrovert; all extroverts need alone time, as well, to properly enjoy the time they spend around others.”The ability to compromise is an essential part of any relationship, including an introvert-extrovert one.“Look for win-wins and seek compromise, like taking two cars to social gatherings,” Dr. “This allows the introvert to leave early if desired and is better than not going at all.” Additionally, Dr.However, that doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. D., Chair and Professor of the Department of Communication at Youngstown State University, is an extrovert and has been with his introvert wife for more than 20 years.Instead, it’s good to know how to date an extrovert so you can be prepared for any potential relationship issues that come up. “All relationships are about finding balance, and this includes finding balance in new-ish relationships, when we’re trying to figure out the other person’s personality type,” he tells Bustle.

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“It means that despite those differences, you really like each other and want to make it work,” he says.

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