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Driving in South Korea can be an adventure SEOUL — Edging into city traffic, I ease out of a U. Forced to slam on my brakes, I blast the horn and watch in dismay as the driver makes a left turn against a red light. According to a December report by the 30-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Seoul is the most dangerous place to drive among member countries. military community don’t need statistics to tell them how dangerous driving in South Korea can be. “There’s a lot of driving where there’s not really lanes, and cutting people off,” she said.

A minute later, I have to straddle two lanes because a line of vehicles illegally parked in front of a bus stop. (For a full list of countries, visit home/.) The report, based on data from 2003, states that for every 10,000 cars on the road there were 137 accidents, and for every 100,000 people involved there were 15 fatalities. “The most annoying thing is people parking where there’s no parking and I can’t get to my house.

Cloninger asked if he needed to drive it to a garage and was surprised to hear, “No -, he’s going to fix it right now.” “As I was trying to figure out what they were talking about …

they opened up the back of the van and they had like a traveling garage,” he said.

If one party is clearly the victim, the breakdown might go as far at 80-20, but the accident is never entirely one driver’s fault.

That means a soldier driving his 0, 15-year-old Daewoo Prince who is struck by a South Korean driving a 2007 Mercedes will assume 20 percent of the cost of fixing the more expensive ride — even if he was obviously not responsible for the wreck.

It’s intimidating enough for some American drivers heading outside the gates of U. If the driver had not been on the road, Carr said, South Koreans believe if the driver had not been on the road there would have been no accident, Carr said.

The other problem, Carr said, is South Korea’s system of “blame sharing.” Under South Korean law, any driver involved in an accident is considered partially at fault.

And, he stressed, they' will bring someone who can translate.This type of article isn’t as glamorous as some other recipes I share here, nonetheless, I thought it would be great to share my list to enhance your Korean cooking knowledge and help you update your pantry if necessary.🙂 Just a friendly warning that this is a long article. You can think about a million different scenarios, but in all of them, this is Korea,” said Brendon Carr, an American attorney working in Seoul. The inability to tell their side of the story gives many foreigners the feeling they’re being “railroaded” when dealing with the police, he said. And the many tight, narrow streets wouldn’t be large enough for one-way traffic in the United States, let alone two-way access. The prospect of getting into an off-base accident — where translation becomes an issue — adds more anxiety for U. “Stop trying to think about situations in which the outcome would be what it is in America. They range from minor fender benders to fatalities and include all members of the community — the military, their family members, and U. “If you don’t speak Korean, you’re going to have no meaningful input in the police report,” he said.

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Like many people in South Korea, Cloninger said, he assumed he would be in an accident at some point. The car behind him didn’t know what he was stopping for and swerved around him and hit me.” Pond said he wasn't hurt.

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