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Interview with dating gurus

Every month I’ll give you another interview, and you’ll automatically be charged only .95.You can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles.but my biggest breakthroughs came from learning and observing guys who were “the best…” and finding out just what exactly they did that made them so much more successful than the rest of us. or even if I would have EVER reached success without taking this vital step.

This booklet will show you: The value of the three bonus e Booklets is at least .00 alone. When I was first starting on the path to success with women and dating, one of the single most important things that I did was to find, meet and learn from guys who were already having the kind of success that I wanted. I put in a lot of hard work and dedication on my own… I can’t tell you how many YEARS of time and effort this cut off of my learning curve…

Waste endless hours of your life mindlessly swiping left.

Feel the pain of long awkward silences on first dates.

From The Very First Meeting To The Bedroom” I address one of the biggest problems that men have: They don’t know what to do next!

I’ve had so many guys write me or say to me in person: “I started talking to her, but I didn’t know what to do NEXT” or “We were out on a date, and I wanted to take her home, but I didn’t know what to do NEXT.” I’ll teach you: In the second bonus booklet, “Intimacy Secrets With Women — How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted”I’ll show you the secrets of how to bring out the intimate side of any woman.

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Here’s a recap of what you’re going to get: The Double Your Dating e Book, plus the bonus ebooks are worth over $109.97. Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman? What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of woman or women that you’ve always wanted and get this part of your life handled for good? : For the rest of your single life you’re going to see women that you’d like to meet.

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