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Internet dating who pays

If you’re in a relationship like that you should probably be splitting things a decent amount? CW: I don’t share an account with my boyfriend, but we’ve sort of created a nebulous system of equivalents.

But in either situation the bill would usually be split or purchased in rounds.

But if you’re meeting up for a drink or coffee it’s a lot more flexible, because it’s both easier to look generous and say “I got this” on two coffees, or just order your own drink.

CJ: I once went on a coffee date (Ok Cupid) and the guy made a big show of paying for my .50 tea.

Before, it was more rigid (probably because of my anxiety) where I would Venmo exact amounts or we would split bills.

We still sometimes do this (and now that I think of it, it’s kind of random when we do) but more often than not we have an imaginary list of who owes what.

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Back when he was making a lot more than me, he paid slightly more in rent, but when it came to dinner or dates we did things that I could afford as easily as he could.

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  1. They went out maybe a dozen times over a month or two and things were going well, when she dropped the bombshell…“I think maybe it’s time we take this relationship to the next level, what do you think? In general, it’s less structured, less formal here in the UK.

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