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In the episode commentaries featured on the Season 1 DVD Set, the executive producers reveal that "Cal" was a fan from Texas who sent his photo in a fan letter.

Upon seeing his resemblance to Al, the producers brought him in to be Al's brother, Cal.

Randy hardly cared, and though Mark showed some interest, Brad helped Tim the most with the hotrod, and showed the most excitement about going to a monster-truck rally.

Intrerest in tools drove him to devastation when Tim sold his first hotrod.

Al wears flannel as a tribute to him after he died.

Tim also often criticizes Al's mother, Alma Borland, who is never seen, but is apparently severely overweight.

Brad's interest in sports as a kid wasn't focused on primarily in the series, though watchers would get the impression.

In season one, Al went out with Greta Post, who he met while she was volunteering to help out during a Tool Time show.Bradley Michael "Brad" Taylor is a main character in Home Improvement. As a preteen, Brad often picked on Mark with Randy. He is the oldest and the most athletic of the three boys, his younger brothers being Randy and Mark.He collects keys from classic cars and even designed a board game based on Tool Time, which he sold and marketed to great success-the object being not to end up in a hospital! He has several years of his life on several VHS tapes. In one episode where Tool Time is celebrating their fifth anniversary show, Al is shown in the first ever episode of Tool Time without a beard & Tim with a beard.Sometimes Tim refers to Al's beard as "stingy" and "do-do birdy".

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