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"Love, grow, pursue, strive, challenge yourself."In summation, Cavill wrote, "Be afraid so that you can be brave."As for Cork, Cavill explained that the video is an example of "what positive forward motion, determination, bravery, strong will, dedication and self respect looks like." Feeling proud, he said, "This is my Lucy.

But the filming clased with extensive Justice League re-shoots meaning the superhero movie saw Superman with a CGI enhanced face to erase the moustache.

Fans ridiculed the rushed job and it became a major talking point of the promo campaign, overshadowing the film's box office score.

In March 2018, Henry shared a hilarious Instagram video that saw him confirm the moustache was finally gone.

Henry began his career starring in the film The Count of Monte Cristo and I Capture the Castle.

He attended St Michael's Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey.

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"But what is more important, and often forgotten, is that we decide how it defines us. Don't vent your pain onto or at others in an attempt to bring them down and hold them back and cry your fury to the world.