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These devices were much more intricately decorated than many other tools of the trade, bordering on works of art.For instance, the pear of anguish from Venice (late 1500’s) consists of bronze segments and key, iron screw. It is doubtful, however, that the embellishments made much difference to anyone who experienced the torture of the pear of anguish.It is no longer ornamented but otherwise not much changed.People forward translation and cultural mistakes to me, and I love them. The site About Spanish Language indicates many of these are patently untrue.Further mentions of the device appear in the 19th century.The 1811 Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable refers to ‘choke-pear’ as being a tool formerly used in Holland.

And since the soul of torture is male, and in the tenebrosity of his unilluminable nature the male is terrified by the mysteries of the female’s cycles and fecundity, but above all by her inherent intellectual, emotional and sexual superiority, those organs that define her essence have forever been subjected to his most savage ferocity, he being superior only in physical strength.Causing severe pain, after torture was employed on the mouth, the victim’s teeth would get destroyed, making blood pour out of the victim’s mouth often causing death.If introduced in the anus or vagina, death was a step away.There is no contemporary first-hand account of those devices or their use. de Calvi’s L’Inventaire general de l’histoire des larrons (“General inventary of the history of thieves”), written in 1639.This mention is referring specifically to the use of the choke-pear in the mouth by robbers.

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The insertion of the pear depended on the crime the victim was accused of, while slanderers and blasphemers would have their mouths mutilated, homosexuals would suffer the same fate on their anus, and women who had induced a miscarriage, or been accused of witchcraft and carnal knowledge of demons would see their vaginas torn apart by it.

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