Gorgeous women dating ugly men

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Gorgeous women dating ugly men

Usually, people tend to search for something that is absent in their personality.

I was never trying to find myself a beautiful girl because my own appearance is sufficient for me.

Rumors of romance started bubbling to the surface in 2002 when Jay-Z released the video for “03 Bonnie and Clyde” which featured Beyonce.

Soon after, the pair started popping up, and engaging in serious PDA, at all sorts of A-list events.

Though fans hoped for a peek at their lavish ceremony, the couple has never released photos of their New York wedding, which was attended by over 200 guests.

Ugly men are not narcists and they are less selfish than handsome men. They do not make huge efforts in order to seduce someone.

If I want to seduce a woman, it may take me maximally two weeks in order to make sex with her.

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Non-attractive men are aware of their unattractiveness and therefore their self-estimation is not enough high to make them cocky and self-confident.

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