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The seed of God’s word planted on Ghanaian soil has taken root; it has grown into a large tree and has brought forth fruits of holiness for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

It was his first trip to Africa, on which he also visited Zaire (now DR Congo), Congo, Kenya, Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) & the Ivory Coast.On day 2, JPII travelled to Kumasi, celebrating Mass with catechists before speaking at the awards of the John XXIII International Peace Prize, and then meeting with the Bishops of Ghana & other African countries.Before the day was out, JPII also spoke to seminarians and to the Diplomatic Corps.I gladly avail myself of this opportunity to express to you, Mr President, and to all the civil authorities, my deep appreciation for the esteem and understanding which you manifest towards the Catholic Church, and which you translate into an effective collaboration in the field of education, health care and the many sectors of human advancement.The Church will always be grateful for the freedom to carry out her mission, which is religious in nature.

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