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It makes sense that there are complex rituals and polite personal protocols in place to reduce friction.

Japan has the lowest homicide rate in the world, yet Japan has 40% of the US population squeezed into a land area smaller than California.

Evidently all Americans drink extra-large beverages, eat Dunkin Donuts daily, and forever munch burgers that are a least 1.5 times bigger than those served in Japan.

The Pew Research Center poll revealed that most Americans and Japanese “trust” each other either a great deal or a fair amount, opinions diverge when it came to assigning national traits.

The distance between Japan and the United States can be measured in miles but the gulf between cultures is wider and requires a different yardstick for comparison. Movies, TV and news does not improve the Japanese notion that Americans are prone to violence or eat too much. group promotion cannot be bridged by a single span nor one proved superior to the other.

In Japan there is an entire grammatical rule-set for speaking respectfully to others.

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The vast majority of Americans view Japanese as hardworking, inventive and honest, but the Japanese weren’t quite as eager to assign the same traits to Americans.