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It is primarily the Democrats who are in support of this.

They are trying to virtue signal their solidarity with the #metoo movement.

Married men will buy "burner" smartphones to use the apps on3.

Adult Bookstores, Tearooms, Public Parks and the like will surge in popularity.4.

Opinions are just that, and don't need to be supported by facts or evidence, although presenting them can make someones case much more compelling. I am sure there was something like this when you used craigslist but maybe it just needs reworded.

Heterosexual Man on Woman domestic violence will increase due to sexual frustration and needs not being met.This decision by Craigslist was due to government intervention.If it's determined by lawmakers that Facebook gathered and disseminated information illegally, other companies will drop the hammer regardless of what users may want.Both Democrats and Republicans now view social media as the enemy since they want to silence opposition.Users should be entrusted to form their own opinions based on supported evidence, or when presented with insufficient information, use the vast resources available to them to research articles themselves. Facebook news, can any FB users see in retrospect how they may have been targeted, from data about them? Would there be any way to create a private, member only site requiring you to sign a waver of some kind removing their liability?

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DL all of a sudden resembled the comments section of breitbart.