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Outraged by the actions of the Israelis and the support from global Zionist Jewry, many American Jews began calling for the end of US military aid to Israel.And this have reformulated a new White House policy - a “Grand Middle East Design” - which focuses on Iran as an emerging power to be reckoned with.

The White House also seeks to pull Iran away from Russia’s influence as well.

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was founded on the premise that Jews and Gentiles cannot get along.

By rejecting the gospel and adhering to the law, they seek to establish their own righteousness.

Their ignorance of God’s righteousness, a rejection of Christ Himself, is willful and self-imposed, as it was then and down through the ages for 2,000 years.

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Along with this goal, Klatzkin called all Jewish assimilationists, “traitors to their Judaism.” Klatzkin maintained, in opposition to the assimilationists, that the spiritual definition of Judaism should lead to national chauvinism: “In the face of Anti-Semitism, we Jews must insist on the rightfulness of our own nationalism.