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(1→3)-β-D-glucan is a cell wall constituent of most medically important fungi including Candida and Aspergillus. Breast implant illness occurs in both saline and silicone implants and is a very multifaceted illness.

For both saline and silicone breast implants a strong and immediate response to the silicone shell directly after implantation may be predicated by your genes specifically HLA B27, HLA DR52 and HLA DR53 which are genes associated with being ill in the first year after implantation and a higher sensitivity to silicone.

It tests for 88 different pathogens, including tetanus, botulism, diphtheria, HPV 16 and HPV 18, Candida albicans and more.

Using PCR, one of the most advanced tools in molecular biology today, specificity of this test is one in a trillion or greater and the sensitivity of the test is the ability to detect the DNA of between 1 and 10 microbes.

These infections can be bacterial, viral, fungal or parastical.

Capsules which are the scar tissue built by our own body to encase and protect us from the implant are often necrotic and full of biofilms of microorganisms feeding on the necrotic capsule itself.

Even if you don’t have these specific genes your body will still respond to the fact that breast implants are huge foreign objects implanted in your chest near vital organs and glands and you will experience the usual foreign body response as your body mounts an all out war which causes immune deficits, immune dysfunction and eventually autoimmune symptoms and diseases.

Our overwhelmed immune system eventually switches over to attacking itself instead of attacking invaders.

Breast implants deplete many of our important nutrients and minerals which drive our enzyme systems and thus our health processes. DNA Connections Full View test through which identifies bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in removed teeth, blood, tissue, implants, bone grafts or other biological samples.CBC LIPIDS (Checks red, white blood cells, platelets, anemia, infection) 3. CMP COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL (Checks glucose, electrolytes, kidney and liver) 5. THYROID – TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TPO Ab and TG Ab 7. ADRENAL HORMONES (Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Estrogen, Progesterone, Pregnenlone, Testosterone Free and Total, Sex Hormone Binding Globuline) 9. Please note this test does NOT test for silicone levels within your body, only sensitivity to it.B12 AND FOLATE DEFICIENCY – (Checks for low B12 and low folate) 10. APA ASSAY (Checks for abnormal immune system response with Fibromyalgia) 15. Testing for sensitivity to: Silicone, Silicates (silicon dioxide), Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Tin/stannous chloride, Titanium dioxide, Petroleum byproducts of Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Latex, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Vinyl chloride, Green #5, Blue #2, Violet #2, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Aluminum. Genetic Testing through for MTHFR genetic variants and methylation issues is highly suggested as about half or more of us with breast implant illness test positive for MTHFR which affects our ability to detox.Here is a longer list of symptoms, but in no way complete, that have been associated with breast implants: FATIGUE OR CHRONIC FATIGUE COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION (BRAIN FOG, DIFFICULTY CONCENTRATING, MEMORY LOSS) MUSCLE PAIN AND WEAKNESS, JOINT PAIN HAIR LOSS, DRY SKIN AND HAIR PREMATURE AGING WEIGHT PROBLEMS INFLAMMATION POOR SLEEP AND INSOMNIA DRY EYES, DECLINE IN VISION, VISION DISTURBANCES HYPO/HYPER THYROID SYMPTOMS HYPO/HYPER ADRENAL SYMPTOMS ESTROGEN/PROGESTERONE IMBALANCE OR DIMINISHING HORMONES HYSTERECTOMY LOW LIBIDO SLOW HEALING OF CUTS AND SCRAPES, EASY BRUISING THROAT CLEARING, COUGH, DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING, CHOKING, REFLUX, METALLIC TASTES VERTIGO GASTROINTESTINAL AND DIGESTIVE ISSUES SUCH AS IBS, ACID REFLUX, GERD, GASTRITIS PANCREATITIS FEVERS, NIGHT SWEATS, INTOLERANT TO HEAT/COLD NEW AND PERSISTENT BACTERIAL AND VIRAL INFECTIONS SLOW CLEARING OF COMMON COLDS AND FLUES FUNGAL INFECTIONS, YEAST INFECTIONS, CANDIDA, SINUS AND UTI INFECTIONS SKIN RASHES EAR RINGING SUDDEN FOOD INTOLERANCE AND ALLERGIES HEADACHES SLOW MUSCLE RECOVERY AFTER ACTIVITY HEART PALPITATIONS, CHANGES IN NORMAL HEART RATE OR HEART PAIN SORE AND ACHING JOINTS OF SHOULDERS, HIPS, BACKBONE, HANDS AND FEET SWOLLEN AND TENDER LYMPH NODES IN BREAST AREA, UNDERARM, THROAT, NECK, GROIN BOUTS OF DEHYDRATION FOR NO REASON FREQUENT URINATION NUMBNESS/TINGLING SENSATIONS IN UPPER AND LOWER LIMBS COLD AND DISCOLORED LIMBS, HANDS AND FEET GENERAL CHEST DISCOMFORT SHORTNESS OF BREATH PAIN AND OR BURNING SENSATION AROUND IMPLANT AND OR UNDERARM LIVER AND KIDNEY DYSFUNCTION GALLBLADDER PROBLEMS CRAMPING TOXIC SHOCK SYMPTOMS ANXIETY, DEPRESSION AND PANIC ATTACKS FEELING LIKE YOU ARE DYING LEAKY GUT, IBS AND SIBO SYMPTOMS OF OR DIAGNOSIS OF FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOMS OF OR DIAGNOSIS OF LYME DISEASE SYMPTOMS OF OR DIAGNOSIS OF EBV SYMPTOMS OF OR DIAGNOSIS OF AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES SUCH AS; RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME, HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITIS, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, SCLERODERMA, LUPUS, SJOGREN’S SYNDROME, NONSPECIFIC CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SYMPTOMS OF OR DIAGNOSIS OF BIA-ALCL LYMPHOMA WHAT TESTS SHOULD I HAVE FOR BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS?Once you recognize yourself in the above symptoms and realize your breast implants are the cause of your symptoms and illness, it is best to stop wasting precious time and money on testing and misdiagnoses and rather go straight to . MRI WITHOUT GANDOLINIUM CONTRAST WHICH CAUSES TOXICITY IN US OR ULTRASOUND TO DETECT LEAKS/RUPTURES (We advise against Mammograms due to their ability to rupture breast implants) Other Tests 1.

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Microorganisms like fungus/mold are common in us due to breast implants but these microorganism can be bacterial and viral too.

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