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I had no idea this was the way Russian women seeking partners abroad were represented in western media.changed her attitude.

The cover page to the actual issue with the article said "South Africa's Mail Order Romances". And the article finished with the words "Welcome" and "Good luck" addressed to all us Russian women.

My last position before I left Russia was as a regional manager of a large marketing agency (one of 22 regional offices), where I had 150 people working for me and quite a comfortable income.

I had my own apartment and a car, so the reason why I decided to look for a husband abroad was not because I was desperate or living in poverty.

The announcement for the future article was "South Africa's mail order brides". This was the first time I had heard this term "mail order brides", and honestly, I was shocked!!!

Please note that the main contents of this website, such as pages "About Russia", "Russian Women Secrets" and "Myths And Reality", were written long before I started my dating business, so please don't think they are a usual marketing hype.

They express the ideas of a Russian woman on subjects in question, and not the ideas of a dating website owner.

I still keep in contact with my Russian friends, and my successful story has encouraged many of them to try the same way.

My cousin married a guy from the USA, and my friends are communicating with Americans, Australians and Europeans.

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:-) Well, it's kind of a joke but as the saying goes 'every joke has a bit of joke, the rest is the truth'...

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