Fm speed dating turkey 2016 dating site for man and woman

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Fm speed dating

Short but focused pre-planned meetings, known as speed dating, are a common part of international conferences like Womex or Babel Med and Crossroads presents this unique tool for the first time to it’s guests.

Musicians and band managers, who are trying to: – offer your bands to international festivals; – break into international media; – take advice from foreign professionals here is your chance to reach partners, exchange contacts.

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Now, stop imagining because this actually happened last Saturday at the first ever Sushi and Speed Dating courtesy of Date Me Kenya and Tokyo Japanese restaurant.

After a brief interaction with friendly strangers (whose first name is the only information you have at this point thanks to the name tags everyone had to pin on themselves) and indulging in delicious sushi bites, the moment of truth arrived.

After each date you would then have to judge your date on a score card based on their personality, appearance and Conversation skills and then most importantly mark YES or NO for if you would like to get to know your date a little more be it for a platonic friendship, romantic or business relationship. Because good times are made up of such random evenings.

In the case where both of you mark YES for each other Ian Isherwood ( Founder and CEO of Date Me will then let you know about your match via email the next day without wasting any time (because he understands that when it comes to a possible new partnering, there’s no time to waste) and share private contacts with both of you because up to this point he is the only one with your personal contacts. You know, like trying something new because you can.

) Then one by one, after every 5 short minutes they came and went. That would be so greedy of me, hogging all the air like I don’t have a care. The pair of nostrils that I have works just fine.” Laughter would follow and a huge sigh of relief from my date realizing that I wasn’t actually an ogre on the prey.

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We are a curated destination for the culturally curious,...

Twenty diverse people, ten of whom you are about to go on mini dates with. Some white, some black and some with complexions in-between.

Some with hazel eyes or brown eyes, coy smiles or genuine smiles, teetotalers, drinkers, bubbly, nervous (speaking for myself) and some looking a little too serious, all ready to mingle and try this thing called Speed Dating over some delicious sushi and wine and possibly walk out of it with something more than a new friendship.

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To solve that problem, a sold-out quirky speed dating event is being held in Mildura, Victoria, for over 35s looking for love.

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