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Extreme sex dating sites

Also literally this everywhere I go on Po F ^^^^^I'm honestly shocked by how repressed some folks are on this site.Not even waterplay or light S&M but just the attitudes around sex in general.Well I was happy with that im into drinking blood as a sexual and regular thing every day want besides some bdsm desires.but yea i wanna say its vampyrism but thats actually wrong, idk i do not need blood to sustain but i do feel better after i have had some; which makes me crave more and yea it seems to be vampyrism.....because of the amount of salts in a dehydrated persons urine ..kinda like drinking sea water when stranded at sea... Such as in a lifeboat by drinking their pee over & over.

I never got into the whole thing but the look on passersby as the crap was flying all around them was priceless.We tried out 15 sites to find out which were the best at finding fetish dates for people, and found these to be absolutely our favorites in every respect.Why waste your time with sites that don’t give you what you’re looking for, when there are so many more sites out there that are fantastic for hooking you up with fun, sex-positive people that don’t mind a little kink?Privacy Policy - No tolerance for copyright infringement or underage, if you find a link to such sites, please report for removing. Put a link or banner on your website and contact me!

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yes bacteria will grow in the urine ..a much less harmful bacteria than the ones that the salty urine would wash out of the wound ..drinking piss is not a great idea in any situation peeing in a open wound may well save your life Pee itself doesn't bother me. Never know I could stay hard for this long but she stimulated the head too much so I lost the ability to orgasm as a result.

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