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These will be explained briefly in the next section, and include extended language, script, variant, extension and private-use subtags.

The golden rule when creating language tags is to keep the tag as short as possible.

The IANA registry looks a little complicated at first, compared to the ISO code lists, but it is easy enough to use once you understand its structure. To find a language subtag, search the page for the name of that language, in English.

A common battle for many couples these days is what the proper social media etiquette is when it comes to dating and relationships.

In my opinion, you must use on social media the same common social sense you would use in real life.

For example, language tags are lower case, alphabetic region subtags are upper case, and script tags begin with an initial capital. When you use these subtags you are free to do as you like, unless you are constrained by the rules of the system you are working with.

For HTML and XML language markup, the case should not matter.

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