Dragon age profile not updating

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As of patch 1.04, the attribute-based bonus damage from the weapon is now properly 50% strength and 50% dexterity.Prior to patch 1.04, selling too many items to the same merchant could cause some or all of the player's save files to become corrupted.If you use Gifts to raise a companion's approval to 100 (Love), then there is a small chance that the companion will express gratitude, as if they have just been given a gift, at random points throughout the game. Confirmed on If you are romancing Alistair and choose to recruit the Secret Companion, Alistair will leave the party, but because the two of you never officially ended your relationship, you will be prevented from romancing anyone else in your party.Even with high approval ratings (up to and including Love), you will not have an option to invite anyone to your tent or partake in flirtatious banter with them once this has happened, because you are still "officially" seeing Alistair.A simple amulet with a mirrored back and an archaic symbol of the Chantry on the front.Sometimes, when gazing into the silvered backing, there are fleeting glimpses of someone else: the face is familiar, and the smile encouraging.

While it is possible to stack this effect to 100% (thus getting a 1% effect) and beyond, for all practical purposes this property is ineffective in-game.

If you are a human noble who marries Anora and has Alistair kill Loghain, the ending is impossible to complete.

Anora goes invisible and Alistair will be standing there in king's armor.

A detailed explanation of how to trigger this bug can be found here.

In some cases, the only solution would be to start a new game; however, some players were unable to save their game at all after experiencing this glitch, rendering the game basically unplayable.

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He also does the king's speech for leading the charge to the battle of Denerim instead of Anora.