Divorce dating kid dating casatorie

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Divorce dating kid

And then he wouldn't be able to get it should we divorce?

Brette Replies: All assets acquired during divorce are marital and must be accounted for and divided by the court - it doesn't matter where you move it.

My ex-spouse wants access to those accounts and I contend they belong to the children and he has no claim on them. Brette's Answer: Those accounts belong to the children.Brette's Answer: As to when you actually physically change ownership, that is generally done once the decree is final.Is money deposited in a child's account considered marital property?Question: I have my own bank account and have never had any joint accounts with spouse.Can I remove more than half of my money and put it in someone else's name with no repercussions, like either my sister's name or one of my children?

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Brette's Answer: Make an appointment for a consultation with a matrimonial lawyer in your area.

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