Disabled sexy chat

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Disabled sexy chat

Consensual, joyful sexuality isn't wrong or weird or gross or freaky, even if your body doesn't always do what you want it to do or your brain likes to fight you and even if other people want to desexualize you because of your impairment.

The only people who should be ashamed of themselves are the ones who think they can dictate what your sexuality looks like because they make assumptions about you on the basis of how your body and brain function.

This is not the be-all-end-all guide to sex and disability because a) it's not, and b) there just can't ever be such a thing with any guide to sex.

While many people associate disabled people with "the medical system," you may actually spend varying amounts of time in clinical settings — and health care providers can be abusive too, whether it's a physically abusive nurse or an emotionally manipulative therapist or anything between.

We hope this can be a good place for you to get started, and something that starts you on the path of good feelings about sex and your disability.

Sex and disability aren't often heard in the same sentence, and when they are, there tends to be a lot of sideways glancing and nervous giggling. Sex and Disability: The Series So Far Taking Your Body for a Ride: Masturbation and Disability Disabled Sex: Sex for Two (or More) Consent Is Sexy: Sexual Autonomy and Disability Sex on the Brain: Sex and Autism, Mental Illness, and Other Cognitive Diversity Your Body is Not a Sex Object: Devotees and Disability Wheelchair, Bound? Dealing with Rude Nondisableds Wrongity wrong wrong!

Those people should sit in the corner and think about their life choices, because what they're doing is not okay and may even be predatory. Being disabled means you face disablism — discrimination on the basis of your disability status (also called "ableism").

Never feel like you have to settle for someone out of fear that no one else is going to come along, because they totally will, and they're going to be great. That makes you more vulnerable in many settings, including the world of sexuality, because people may view you as an easy target.

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