Direct chat thaigirls

Posted by / 29-Aug-2017 12:27

Direct chat thaigirls

Some guys love bar girls and that’s great for them but for other guys they are a little too crazy.

For the men who are looking for a normal Thai girl…

So you will find that some girls are ok to hold hands in the mall but not on the street.

Some other girls are ok with hugging but not in crowded areas.

After the bar girl experience most guys assume that all women are gold diggers or prostitutes because that’s all they find going to clubs and bars.Only western educated girls might do this but even that is super rare.If a Thai girl likes you she will be leading the touching.Thailand is confusing for all foreigners, and that’s kind of its magic.For all men who love Thailand the biggest draw is normally Thailand girls.

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You see prostitutes are in the bars all day and are super friendly because they need to be to make money.