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Db4o updating arraylist problem

If you are aware, this will take few time, and with a couple of hour you will be able to see OODB functionnality, then you will be able to test some tools.

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In my Servlets, I use the I would use an Object-Relational Map package, such as Hibernate.

NET Framework source code for this type, see the Reference Source.

Elements in this collection can be accessed using an integer index. The , all operations must be done through the wrapper returned by the Synchronized method.

Enumerating through a collection is intrinsically not a thread-safe procedure.

You can browse through the source code online, download the reference for offline viewing, and step through the sources (including patches and updates) during debugging; see instructions.

Contrary to Arrays that are fixed in size, an Array List grows its size automatically when new elements are added to it. Time Unit; public class Unsafe Array List Example Try running the above program multiple times and see how it produces different outputs.

Even when a collection is synchronized, other threads can still modify the collection, which causes the enumerator to throw an exception.

To guarantee thread safety during enumeration, you can either lock the collection during the entire enumeration or catch the exceptions resulting from changes made by other threads.

Array List is part of Java’s collection framework and implements Java’s # Output Is the top Companies list empty? To learn more about such issues in multi-threaded programs, check out my article on Java Concurrency Issues and Thread Synchronization. Now let’s see how we can synchronize access to the in multi-threaded environments.

: true Here are the top 5 companies in the world [Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook] Best Company: Google Second Best Company: Apple Last Company in the list: Facebook Modified top companies list: [Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart] # Output Initial List: [C, C , Java, Kotlin, Python, Perl, Ruby] After remove(5): [C, C , Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby] After remove("Kotlin"): [C, C , Java, Python, Ruby] After remove All(scripting Languages): [C, C , Java] After Removing all elements that start with "C": [Java] After clear(): [] # Output === Iterate using Java 8 for Each and lambda === Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Friends Prison break === Iterate using an iterator() === Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Friends Prison break === Iterate using an iterator() and Java 8 for Each Remaining() method === Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Friends Prison break === Iterate using a list Iterator() to traverse in both directions === Prison break Friends Game Of Thrones Breaking Bad === Iterate using simple for-each loop === Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Friends Prison break === Iterate using for loop with index === Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Friends Prison break or complex types like an Array List of Array Lists, or an Array List of Hash Maps or an Array List of any user defined objects. The following example shows the synchronized version of the previous example.

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Anyway, I just run your code (with some changes to reopen the database for instance) and it does retrieve the Serie correctly, meaning, with its episode.