Dating your wife

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Let’s also pretend that you’re taking a turn planning the date and you really want to make it special. It was wise counsel that my wife and I heard when we were first married.So, what’s the best possible way you can think of to make sure you have the best possible time on your date? As the years have happily rolled on by, it still stands as the best way I know of to date and keep the romance alive.For example, if your spouse has a penchant for extreme sports, perhaps you need to make plans with a skydiving company or a land luge facility.Perhaps it’s sampling a new ethnic cuisine so you’ll need to make reservations at a nice restaurant.It can be difficult to make time for yourself and for each other when you have children, but it’s also a great time to grow together in a new way.Make sure to continue building your friendship and keep going on dates, which can be fun, romantic, and will keep your relationship strong.Here’s the big kicker This suggestion, to do your partners favorite thing often, goes both ways. One of the biggest benefits to dating with your partner’s favorite thing in mind is that you get to see your spouse in an environment they love. This increases the positive vibes of the date and you’ll come home with a stronger relationship than when you left.

After all, sharing a toothbrush isn’t so sexy, and the silence you experience while the two of you are reading in bed might linger a little too long because you’ve maintained a casual text conversation all day.

So what does doing your partner’s favorite thing often even mean? First, think about what your spouse absolutely loves to do.

Like if everything was taken care of – house, kids, job, etc. It could be dance, art, photography, movies, reading, sports, and so on.

First of all, in most cases, your partner is going to be sensitive to the fact that you’re making a strong effort to help them enjoy a date with you.

This is going to carry with it, lasting implications.

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By learning how your spouse experiences the world, you can then tailor the date to doing exactly what they enjoy the best. About now, you’re probably thinking this is all very nice but isn’t it all a little too self-sacrificing?